About Crescent Supported Living

Crescent Supported Living is a 24-hour semi-independent living support service for looked-after young people, both male and female, between the ages of 16 - 18. We specialise in providing a combination of 24-hour shared and stand-alone placements, with a comprehensive professional support service. We offer both short and long-term support and emergency placements.

Our Aims & Objectives

Our aim is to provide a warm, safe and caring environment for young people who are leaving residential or foster care for semi-independence, as well as unaccompanied minors, where they can be supported and encouraged to develop their skills towards independence and to grow and develop into young adults. Our Objectives are:

  • To assist in developing and implementing person centred pathway support packages for the young people in the service.
  • To promote safety for the young person by ensuring that each young person has a holistic risk assessment, that is regularly reviewed.
  • To enable the young person to meet their health and emotional needs.
  • To promote and maintain positive relationships that benefits the young person and enable them to develop their identity, self-respect and care for their own well-being.
  • To empowered to make choices and decisions in all areas of their lives.
  • To ensure high quality yet cost-effective services are delivered around the needs of the young person.
  • To promote equality and an atmosphere of trust and respect.
  • To enable the young person to develop skills to communicate and interact with others and to integrate and contribute within the community in a positive way.
  • To work in partnership with parents, relevant adults, education, health and other professionals to ensure the young person is enabled to maximise their potential.
  • To encourage the young person to participate in and be involved in the delivery and development of the service.
  • To promote a culture that is conducive to learning, education, training and employment. Ensuring resources and support are available and encourage the young person to gain and maintain employment, education and training.

"Giving young people a solid foundation to independent living"

Our Team

Who We Are

Kamel Boulkenafet

Managing Director

Kamel holds a postgraduate qualification in Management and has over 17 years experience in health care and supported housing. With a previous background in teaching and sports coaching, Kamel brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to maximise the opportunities for the young people using our service.

Fluent in 4 languages, he also provides a translation and interpreting service, predominately to the health and social care sector.

Who We Are

Emma Boulkenafet

Finance Director

Emma holds a postgraduate qualification in Business and Finance and worked for HSBC Private Banking and Financial Services, acquiring over ten years experience in Marketing and Operations Management.

For the past ten years, she co-managed an Arabic Language school for both English and foreign students. Responsible for planning, preparing and delivering lessons to a range of classes and age groups. The role also required overseeing the financial management of the school and ensuring all policy and procedures were up-to-date for inspection visits.